Battle Spirits BS28-X03 Ultimate-Mugendragon

Battle Spirits BS28-X03 Ultimate-Mugendragon

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Released in (Japanese)BS28
ColorRed Red core
ReductionRed coreRed coreRed coreGold core
SymbolsGold core
FamilyIncarnateUltimate Dragon
AbilityDouble Ultimate-TriggerDouble Hit,Ultimate Energy
☆ Levels 
  Lv3  : 1 core, 11000 BP
  Lv4  : 3 core, 19000 BP
  Lv5  : 4 core, 27000 BP
  Lv6  : 7 core, 30000 BP
☆ Card Effects 
[Summon Condition: You must have 1 or more Ultimate on your Field]

<Double Ultimate-Trigger> [LV3][LV4][LV5][LV6] 『When Attacks

For each Trigger hit, this Ultimate gets 1 Red symbol.  * Double Hit * : If both Triggers hit, additionally, destroy all opposing Spirits with BP 5000 or below. (Double Ultimate-Trigger: Put 2 cards from your opponent's deck to their Trash. Cards that have a cost lower than this Ultimate will hit.)

[LV4][LV5][LV6] (Ultimate Energy)Your Attack Step

All Ultimates besides "Ultimate-Mugendragon", in family "Incarnate" or "Next Generation" gain 1 red symbol.

☆ Flavor Text 
With Ultimate power, bring the future to the two worlds!
IllustrationRyou Hirata (Concept), Yousuke Adachi (art)
Rulings/Restrictions- The cards put into Trash by Double Ultimate-Trigger cannot be stopped by anti-deck destruction as they have different wording in Japanese. It also cannot be increased by Charge. 
- You must place 2 cards from the top of your opponent's deck to their Trash when activating Double Ultimate-Trigger.




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