Japan Mail Forwarding Service is now OPENED!!

Please follow the link below to apply for the Japan Mail Forwarding Service Registration.

Once I got the email confirmation of the payment by Paypal for the Japan Mail Forwarding Service Registration fee, then I will email you the Japanese address where you will be able to send your package to. After that I will be able to start buying on site like Premium Bandai, ... on your own and have your packages sent to this Japanese address.

Then you will have a 1,000 yen fee to pay for each item (not each package) sent to this address and the shipping fees or combined shipping fee to you. This total fee will be invoiced to you once I got your items and that the package(s) is ready to be shipped.

But please make sure to let me know if you want to have your items to be shipped as they come or to have them to be shipped in a single package at the end of the month.